Jellypark and Post Pals


We have just started up a new club at Jellypark where crafters can use their skills for a great cause and collect a fab set of free digital stamps while they are doing it. Jellypark are issuing a set of 5 exclusive digital stamps to collect, only people taking part in the Post Pals Club will ever get their crafty hands on these! Our aim is for Post Pal children to get lots of extra amazing cards arriving in their post and our crafters to have fun crafting while collecting a lovely set of new images as a thank you for taking part.

sock monkey watermark

This is the first stamp you will collect if you take part!

Post Pals is an award winning charity set up to send cards, letters, email and small gifts to seriously ill children and their siblings in the UK. For these children there are many difficult days due to illness, treatments, long stays in hospital and sometimes siblings being separated from a parent for long stretches. Sending a card might not seem a huge thing to be able to do but Post Pals say that the children love opening their post and finding cheery cards, letters and little gifts – it can be a little lift on a hard day.

As soon as we heard of Post Pals we knew there was an army of card makers out there we could ask to team up and use their creative skills to send some amazing cards to these families. The cards we see people make with our stamps are real little mini works of art, with fabulous detail and colour – perfect for the job!

bike stamp colour

Second stamp in the set 🙂

We have opened a Facebook group to run the club and we invite all crafters, from beginners to seasoned pros to come and join in making fun cards to send off to a Post Pal. We ask crafters to pledge to make a card and then we send them the first free stamp. Once they have made a card we ask them to post up a photo on our Facebook wall and tell us which child they are sending it to then we send them the next freebie stamp to do the next one.

Come and join us by clicking here!

clown colour

Our third stamp!

We have lots of lovely crafters who have already got busy!

10322813_321038474716257_6245942624334841254_n 10304444_10204035735280718_2520528226736903615_n 10277753_10203638115570501_2248239678287301331_n 10256290_10154086026375207_1407987386335604608_n





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