Walking the Essex Way for Willow Foundation – stage two

Today we completed stage two, walking 11.75 miles that took us from Wrabness to Mistley. We braved scary tunnels, threatening swans and a drunk tramp as well as me falling on my backside right in a nice bit of mud. Soggy knickers aside, we had a lovely day, squeezed in a pub stop and saw some beautiful countryside along the way.


Trying to get away from a drunk tramp in the woods, I slipped on the mud and fell on my backside!



The church bell at Wrabness is rung every Sunday. It has been kept in this cage since the 17th century when the tower collapsed.


Mistley Towers



Liquid Lunch 🙂


The not so pretty factory cut through…


Scary tunnels…



Just got to get past the swans and we are on the home run…

We are doing the 81 mile route to raise money for the wonderful Willow Foundation so if you have a couple of quid to spare to sponsor us we would be really grateful – we have a long way to go!


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