The Essex Way – walking for the Willow Foundation

We are raising money at Jellypark throughout 2014 for the Willow Foundation , the charity set up former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson and his wife Megs. We are selling charity digital stamps on our website, selling original artwork on ebay and Fiona and I will also doing a sponsored walk of the Essex Way.

The Essex Way is an 81 mile path that starts near the last London tube station in Epping and stretches across the county to Harwich on the east coast. According to one of the guide books we are starting to collect, we will be treated to:

“Ancient woodlands, open farmland, tree lined river valleys and leafy green lanes, visiting historic towns and villages along the way…”

Sounds all rather pleasant doesn’t it? Remind us about that when we are a few miles into a rain swept day, struggling though mud through another featureless field being chased by cows. Actually, we are really looking forward to discovering some little nooks and crannies of Essex that we would never have visited otherwise and I plan to bore Fiona senseless by reading up on the history of the places we are walking through and bombarding her with Interesting Facts as we walk.

Fiona and I will be breaking the walk into stages to complete the 81 miles as well, er, let’s just say we are far from experienced walkers. We are busy forming a plan at the moment but starting off with tackling the first 8 mile stretch this weekend just to test our shiny new walking boots and to see how (grossly un)fit we really are. We will end with one epic weekend that will really push us over a long distance but we are being kind to ourselves and starting gently.

Of course we hope to have some fun completing the challenge but our aim is also to raise some money for Jellypark’s charity of the year the Willow Foundation – you can sponsor us on our fundraising page here. We would be really grateful, any small amount would make a real difference to our total and knowing you are giving up a little of your hard earned cash to this brilliant charity will help to spur us on 🙂

Claire x


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